Rosaries of Divine Union


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The Rosary is both old and new. It is as old as the traditions of the Church, perhaps growing and evolving from prayers used shortly after the beginning of the Christian era. It is as new as each individual who begins using it either for the first time, or for the first time in many years. As people grow and change, so does their appreciation for that which is inward and spiritual.

Sacrament is often defined as an inward and spiritual grace drawn from an outward and physical act. The Rosary offers an experience of grace that derives from an outward act which then becomes an inward movement, which then becomes a silence. In this silence lies the power of the presence of God, who from that silence speaks to us inwardly—an act of Grace, a Sacrament of Love.

What makes the Rosary so appealing is that, once understood, it is not understood intellectually by analyzing its structure, or its effects. It is not grasped along sectarian lines and relegated only to Catholics. Many people are today discovering and rediscovering the power of the Rosary to lead them into a richly rewarding experience of their birthright—their relationship with God and with all that is Divine. Protestants, Catholics and non-sectarian people have found common ground in exploring the mysteries of life that are revealed to us through the Rosaries. The Rosary does not teach directly, it allows teaching to reach us. It helps create an open and receptive heart, which then in turn learns to see God in life, and our lives in God.  Discover for yourself the power of prayer through the Rosary, and download the book.