Who We Are

chalice-hostSpiritus Christi Church is a parish church of the Ascension Alliance and the Community of Ascensionists and a part of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic church.  We are an Independent Catholic and Sacramental Community.

At God’s table, all are Welcome, all are nourished.

We are fully Catholic in a way that goes well beyond the sectarian confines of traditional Catholicism. We are inclusive, affirming, welcoming and embrace and welcome to our altars all people regardless of politics, sexual orientation, or gender. We respect people’s spiritual gifts, insights, and understandings.

We are both liberal and traditional. As traditionalists we possess the fullness of Apostolic Succession, embrace and promote the seven Sacraments of the Church, and seek to gain the deepest understandings of what they mean for us in our journey in God. We are liberal in that we embrace people where they are, without dictating to them what they must believe to the edification or detriment of their souls. We embrace the vision and wisdom of all of the world’s Wisdom traditions and welcome the insights that the experience of others provides toward our own journeys in God. Our position is that God has given us all the means to understand and experience God in our lives, and that includes our ability to embrace and understand scripture, sacrament, tradition and experience. While as a Church we have teachings, we are non-dogmatic in the respect that we recognize the primacy of conscience to inform our thinking and actions. We claim no power over the minds or hearts of the members of our Church. That is reserved for Christ alone.

We are Independent Catholics, and our means of self-governance borrows from the faith traditions that allows for the full participation of all clergy and membership in a representational and often very direct means of expressing desires for the larger church. While we love and respect our brothers and sisters in the Roman Church, we respectfully prefer to govern ourselves in the manner of the ancient Church and in the manner of many of the churches in the contemporary Orthodox world. We revere and value the experience of our members and insure that the desires of all of the parishes, ministries, clergy and members are consulted and heard as part of a decision making process that includes all parts of the church.

What distinguishes the Ascension Alliance and Community of Ascensionists is that, having grown out of and well beyond the Catholic Apostolic Church of Antioch, it embraces a radical equality regarding gender balance and church-wide collaborative decision making and fully supports and encourages the mystical development of humanity’s connection with the Divine. Women and the Feminine experience are embraced at all levels of the church: women are priests and bishops as well as teachers and mentors, spiritual directors and liturgical directors. We seek balance between what the masculine and feminine experience can teach us, and seek to respect the individual spiritual aspirations and needs of our membership.  We don’t discriminate and we don’t exclude.  At God’s table, all are welcome!